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Stop Down: A term in photography that refers to closing the aperture (opening) of your lens to allow less light to pass through which also causes more to be in focus. This is the highly focused overview of Embued Photophiles. 

Embued Photophiles is not just for those who cherish the action and result of allowing light and time with the assist of a camera capture and hold fast our quotidian moments (fractions of a second, technically speaking) as they pass. Embued Photophiles is also for those who wish to articulate and celebrate said transitory moments. I focus on the beauty of understated simplicity through my hand painted wares. 

Made by myself, Beth Bates, a photography fanatic, a consumer of all things photographic, a photophile. My love for photography is steeped in this work. I shoot, I devour photo exhibitions, and artist talks. But most importantly, Embued Photophiles is informed by the founders of the medium. For without their pioneering spirits, I wouldn't have been inspired to make and share this work with you.

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