Makun Loom Pillow | White

Makun Loom Pillow | White

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About the maker:

Treko means “yarn of wool.” Treko was founded in 2016 by Chilean native Catalina Marin, who wanted to share, as well as preserve, the textile traditions of Chiloe, one of the most fascinating areas of the South of Chile. With a mission to constantly create the most unique and high-quality woolen pieces, TREKO was founded in order to rescue the Chilean textile traditions of the region, as well as introduce the products of these master artisans to designers and retailers for the first time. The tradition of weaving and knitting has evolved since the arrival of the Spanish to the island, when the importance of these textiles were such that they became an important source of income for the island. With months of harsh weather, these techniques have been handed down from generation to generation with families specializing in distinct ways to weave and spin the wool in order to make totally individual pieces.

Dimensions: 19’’ by 17’’

Material: MAKUN (ma-kuun) - meaning “traditional blanket” in the native Chilean dialect. Rich earth tones, subtle textures and ancient techniques combine to produce the Makun collection. Crafted on ancient looms and utilizing natural dyes from bark, leaves, clay and moss, color and dimension come together to bring nature to the home.

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